2018 Blue Devil's Lottery

****Blue Devil's Lottery Winners****

Congratulations' to all our winners!

All winning tickets get re-entered for multiple chances to win!


1st,  $50 - Greg Childs/Ticket sold by Shane Wyman.

2nd, $50 - Brian Cannon/Ticket sold by Timothy Neeson.

3rd, $25 - Oscar Haro/Ticket sold by Braden Bergman-Haro.

4th, $100 - Connor Dougherty/Ticket sold by Collin Dougherty.

5th, $200 - Carolyn Donahue/Ticket sold by Kyle Coonrad.

6th, $25 - Joe Repko/Ticket sold by Coach Sherwin.

7th, $25 - Hayden Butterfield/Ticket sold by Hayden Butterfield.

8th, $25 - TJ Scaccia/Ticket sold by Corey Hoyt.

9th, $50 - Christine LaPlante/Ticket sold by Shane Wyman.

10th, $25 - Kevin Dougherty/Ticket sold byCollin Dougherty.

11th, $100 - **REPEAT WINNER!** Greg Childs/Ticket sold by Shane Wyman.

12th, $200 - Robert Jucha/Ticket sold by Chase Durivage.

13th, $200 - Fran Hawkins/Ticket sold by John Hawkins.

14th, $25 - Steve Klein/Ticket sold by Greg Smail.

15th, $50 - Linda Tuck/Ticket sold by Richard Sill.

16th, $50 - Dan Roerig/Ticket sold by Connor Mead.

17th, $25 - Ann Piel/Ticket sold by Tyler Piel.

18th, $100 - **REPEAT WINNER!** Carolyn Donahue/Ticket sold by Kyle Coonrad.

19th, $25 - Andy Lindberg/Ticket sold by Coach Gildart.

20th, $25 - Dwight Jenkins/Ticket sold by Carter Durivage.

21st, $25 - Kelly Palmateer/Ticket sold by Evan Palmateer.

22nd, $25 - Kyle Coonrad/Ticket sold by Kyle Coonrad.